What Are Some Offline Marketing Strategies?

The online ways of marketing are not the only effective avenues for generating leads and boosting sales. The advice from experts is to make use of both types of marketing strategies.

Will the approach be able to lift your business? Below are five offline marketing strategies.

Business Cards

Business cards are certainly some of the smallest materials that businesses use for marketing, but distributing them can give huge potentials for attracting customers. The good thing about them is that, since they are small, that they can be easily placed in relevant locations where people can easily notice them. Put them on bulletin boards in offices and schools. Insert these materials in magazines and books.

Gift Certificates/Giveaways

Be visible. Be at the right places where your target audience is gathered. If its possible for you to donate your products or give gift certificates at important events in your community, do so. By doing this, you not only send a message that you are kind and giving, but also make people feel that you are one with them in whatever cause they are trying to advance.

Direct Mail

In business, you sometimes have to be personal in order to attract new clients. The best way to do that is to know people know their names and their needs most especially and send coupons, product samples, product updates, and newsletters to them.

If you need help making and sending postcards, newsletters, flyers and brochures to your prospects, use the services of the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are encouraging small businesses to use more direct mail as a way to increase the mail agencys revenue. The agency has marketing specialists who know a lot about making actionable and memorable mail pieces.

Cold Calls

The cold-call strategy is still very effective and one that successful businessmen will laud newcomers doing. If you are up to the challenge, make sure to observe proper etiquette. Always consider the time or schedule of the people you are going to talk to. Also, be ready with convincing reasons as to why these people should give you their time.

What are the benefits?

Cold calls can give you opportunities to directly tell companies and potential customers about whats unique in your offering, and how your products can be beneficial to them.

Cold calls can also give you the chance to directly address concerns that people have with your products.

Many collaborative projects between companies have been borne out of someones efforts to make cold calls.


Evaluating your presentation or packaging might just be the very first step needed. How to approach branding? How about the design of your store or website? Perhaps youre sending the wrong message with the way your brand presentation has been conceptualized, or its simply that your brand approach is already outdated.

Consider newer approaches. Little changes may just do the trick.