Should Cheating Be Illegal

Marriage is a beautiful act. It involves two people who feel so strongly about one another, that they make the commitment to spend the rest of their lives with one another. Unfortunately, some people end up neglecting that commitment that they made. Far too many times, this lack of commitment comes in the form of cheating. Whether it was a once in a lifetime accident, intentional, or a bad habit, I feel that cheating should be illegal for those who cheat while married.

Marriage is not something that is required in the United States. No one is forced to marry anyone. I understand that sometimes, people get married on a whim, or in an irrational manner, but regardless, they still chose to do it. Once that commitment is made, they owe a duty to one another. Under the law of the state that they got married, they are legally married. They made vows to each other that they should be obligated to keep. One of those vows was to be faithful. When they are not faithful, why is that not a crime in all states? They chose to bind themselves to this person. A person who, most of the time, was nothing but faithful and loyal to the cheating spouse. By cheating, the cheating spouse has created emotional, psychological, and even physical damage to his or her spouse. When there is physical damage, sometimes this results in an arrest. When either a husband or wife is arrested for domestic incidents like this, he or she will mostly likely have to post bail to get out of jail. This is well deserved as anyone who commits a criminal act should face some sort of consequence for their actions.

Furthermore, by cheating, they are opening up their spouses to diseases, unexpected pregnancies from the mistress, and all sorts of harmful, unnecessary situations into the non-cheating spouses life. Part of the reason people enter a marriage is to prevent these particular things from happening. By making this commitment, spouses are trusting that the other will be faithful to them and only them. Far too many spouses receive STDs from their partners. That is disturbing and completely ridiculous. People keep getting away with this because nothing is being done. Luckily, I read that there are some states who punish cheaters. However, I feel that cheating should be illegal in all states for married couples.

It is not right to disrupt someones life because a person wants to cheat. Instead of cheating, how about people actually try talking to their spouses and figuring out their issues. How about people actually try to put some work into their relationship instead of cheating. If that is too difficult of a task for some people, then I feel as though they should lie in the bed that they made, and be punished accordingly.