Hiring Courtroom Defence Barristers In England: What To Look For

If you have been charged with a serious crime (sexual assault, murder, a commercial drug case, etc.), your freedom could be hanging in the balance, which is why you need a strong legal team to defend you. While securing a criminal lawyer may be a good move, your case stands a better chance if you include a courtroom defence barrister on your side. Expert defence barristers work together with lawyers to develop a convincing strategy that they present during the hearing. This means your case receives the highest degree of attention possible, and your legal defence is far more likely to be successful.

Finding the best barrister to hire is almost always the hard part for many people. With the right approach, however, it shouldn’t take you much time to find the most appropriate one. Some of the important factors to consider when hiring a courtroom defence barrister in England include:

1. Experience and Knowledge of the Law

These are possibly the most important things to consider when hiring any lawyer. With your freedom and image at stake, you need someone who can respond effectively to any issues ‘thrown’ to him/her by the opposing counsel. An experienced and knowledgeable barrister understands the importance of making a solid legal argument when addressing both the jury and the judge.

2. Persistence in Achieving Results

While you may mistake persistence for aggressiveness, a persistent person argues his/her case reasonably and adequately to obtain a satisfactory result. You do not want an aggressive lawyer or barrister by your side when facing a life or death sentence, but someone persistent enough to prove you aren’t guilty. One thing you should know about some of the most successful barristers in England is that they use every opportunity they have to represent their clients to the best of their ability.

3. Availability And Ability To Prepare Thoroughly For A Case

Although the opposing counsel or prosecutor may have the backing of the police, civilian and expert witnesses, a good barrister will be able to use these to his advantage especially if a witness contradicts him/herself. Factual details and contradictory evidence unearthed by preparing for the case thoroughly can help your case significantly. You therefore need to look for a barrister with a proven track record of defending his clients, and available to handle your case without any other commitments or distractions.

4. Eloquent at Arguing Facts

A proper understanding of the law and undeniable facts make it easy for an attorney to argue your case eloquently. The barrister needs to be persuasive, articulate, and knowledgeable enough to convince both the jury and the judge when arguing the case, and especially when making closing remarks on the same.

If a barrister meets all these, you can then be sure that he/she will give your case all the attention and dedication needed to win your freedom back. Of course, you should discuss legal fees with the barrister before signing the contract. One of the most famous UK criminal defence barristers is Michael Wolkind.