Types Of Investments

The most common form of investment for the end consumer, without a middle man such as trader or accountant, is that of investment into a large public body, such as the government or banks. Banks give a contractually guaranteed return on your investment, with you simply needing to store your money with them instead of a competitor. Banks give a contractually guaranteed return on your investment, with you simply needing to store your money with them instead of a competitor. The interest rates for banks are substantially lower than most you would get through investing in stocks, but the safety is reassuring to most. These types of investments are mostly for retirement, or for education-saving such as to put your child into university. The simple nature of such investments is a massive draw for many people, as they can keep adding money in with an almost guaranteed return, with no external costs from accountants or brokers, and no need for maintenance.

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How To Complete White Training

More Info about White Card Online Express training

Most states and territories across the country are experiencing a boom in construction, particularly housing construction. One just has to look at the number of construction cranes sprawled across the skylines of major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney to realise that apartment construction is flourishing.

The construction industry needs to fill the skills gap, currently threatening the productivity of the sector. With many apprentice training opportunities available, it’s important that prospective construction workers start by getting white card ready.

The white card course is most easily completed online. It is also preferred for the following reasons:

The accreditation gained is recognised nationwide Registration fees are affordable and much less than face-to-face training courses There are no additional fees or travel expenses incurred The course offered by us is the official CPCCOHS1001A - Work Safely In The Construction Industry course. The course is quick to complete – on average taking 3-4 hours. Anyone can register. All that’s needed is a computer, internet, printer and basic understanding of computers The course is convenient. It can be completed anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our course is now compatible with IPhones and IPads. Our Brisbane based called centre agents are available during business hours for assistance via email or telephone.

With the introduction of uniform work health and safety laws you no longer need to complete a specific colour card for the state you live in. Now once you complete the white card course and gain a white card as proof, it is valid nationally, allowing you to work on any site in any state or territory.

Workers lives have just been made easier with the nationalisation of WH&S laws and in particular the nationally recognised white card.

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