15 Incredible Team Building Ideas

It is the responsibility of the CEO, manager, or team leader to make sure that employees work well with each other and the atmosphere in the office is not too stressful for all workers. As they say, "human resources is the company's most important resource." To help you achieve that type of working environment, here are some team building activities that will improve your team's spirit and relationship.

1. Benchmark Activities and ART of Improvement

One of the best way to assess the personality and capability of your employees is to let them undergo the awareness, reflexive and tendencies test or ART. The team will face a challenge and will be put into stressful situations. You will then be able to observe how your team members react to the scenario, handle the situation, and solve the problems they face. It will also force the team to work together. This activity has a lot of benefits as it will allow you to assess your employees, improve your team's teamwork, and let them have fun with each other.

2. Spend Time with the Youth

Set aside a day where your team can spend time with the younger generation. Let them teach the teens some important life lessons and inspire them to achieve great things in life. It will also help your team develop a greater sense of responsibility.

3. Build a Playhouse

This is another activity that will help the younger generation. However, this will primarily benefit the children in your community. Divide your employees into several teams with fifteen members per team. Each team will then design and build playhouses for the children. The team who builds the best playhouse wins and earns a reward.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a common activity but it is still an effective way for employees to know more about each other, especially if you have new employees in your office. Every participant will tell two truths and one lie about themselves. Other participants will then guess the lie. This activity will definitely lighten the atmosphere in the office and will help the new employees be more comfortable with their officemates.

5. Make Prosthetic Hands

This is another heartwarming and rewarding activity as it will help some people in your society. Purchase some Build-A-Hand kits, then organize a seminar to make prosthetic hands for people who lost an arm. This will boost your employees morale as they know that they made a great contribution to the society. Click the video below to learn more:

6. Office Trivia

It is important that your employees know your company well. This activity will encourage your employees to learn more about your company such as its mission and vision. Come up with 20 to 30 questions about your company then ask your team members those questions. Give a reward to the employee who gets the most correct answers.

7. Scavenger Hunt

This is another classic activity that never loses its appeal. This will remind your employees of their childhood days. Hide some "treasures" and provide hidden clues to help your team find the treasures. This activity will test their teamwork and analytical skills.

8. Tallest Tower

Challenge your team's creativity and building skills with this activity. Form several teams with 3 to 8 members. Each team will then build towers using newspapers. The team with the tallest tower wins. This game will allow your employees to discuss, make plans, and organize to build a successful project.

9. Fun Board Meetings

Most employees, regardless of position, are not fond of meetings. However, you can turn this typically boring activity into something exciting. Change the venue by going to a more lively location. You can also use art supplies for your presentation. Discuss business suggestions or plans by playing games. There are a lot of different ways to make meetings more fun for everyone.

10. Key Keeper

Aside from being a fun activity, this will also allow you to see how your employees keep the company secure. Choose among the participants a keeper of the keys. Blindfold the keeper while the other participants try to take the key away.

11. Zoom

Prepare several pictures and give them to each of your team members. Their objective is to arrange the pictures in proper sequence. This will test your employees teamwork and coordination.

12. Blind Animals

This is another common activity that will always be fun to play. All participants will be blindfolded. Then assign an animal sound to each participant that they will make. While blindfolded, they have to look for the person with the same animal sound they are making.

13. Tarp Hole This game will be another test of your team's coordination and teamwork. Their objective is to move the ball along the tarp with holes. They have to make sure that the ball will not fall down the hole.

14. All Aboard

Draw a circle on the ground. The team will then fit inside that circle. The circle will get smaller and smaller. The challenge is the team should do their best to fit inside the circle while it keeps getting smaller.

15. Go and Volunteer

Time to give back to the community. Think of an activity or organize an event that will be helpful to the people in your area. Whether you help the children, elderly, homeless, or even animals, it doesn't matter as long as you are doing something that benefits them. To see the smile on other's faces will be a reward on its own.

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