Adding Printed Media To Your Offline Marketing Mix

Consumers are more dependent on brand information than ever, and its the responsibility of companies to provide such information. And although there are different media that can be used to disseminate data, some of the best ones come in the printed format.

Commercial printing houses churn out millions of printed materials on a daily basis. There are newsprint or magazine ads, catalogues, direct mail, and brochures to name a few. There are some businesses that might utilize one or two, while others invest in a series of printed materials.

Many believe that the dawn of technology eradicated the need for printed advertisements. What they dont realize is that print is equally as important for modern-day marketing, as are digital marketing efforts. There are different reasons why print can be as effective, if not more effective (in some degree) than digital ads, and here are some of those reasons.

For one, printed media take advantage of the entire sensory experience of consumers. With digital ads, you can address the senses of sight and hearing. With print, you have something thats tangible, so you can easily target the senses of touch and smell. The more senses you can affect, the more chances you have of engaging a consumer and sparking their interest in whatever it is you have to offer.

Formal research has been conducted with regard to sense targeting. Based on findings, advertising materials that are able to target at least three senses are capable of increasing the effectiveness of the medium by as much as 70%. In the world of competitive business, this is something that you really have to consider.

Secondly, print has always been embedded in everyones lifestyle. Take a closer look and youll realize that you yourself are always in contact with something that has been printed. Newsprints are read for information, magazines are read for entertainment, and so on. Have you ever wondered why, despite our digital transformation, printing houses continue to thrive? Well, this is why.

Third, you can easily customize a printed advertisement. There are different fonts, styles, imagery, color tones, and the like, with which you can craft an eye-catching medium. You wont be limited to pixel counts and other display conditions like those presented by online banners and what not. This enables companies to provide more meaningful information that will entice potential consumers to take notice of their brands.

And finally, print media can be viewed across a lengthier time span. Online, banner ads and the like can easily be scrolled through. Pop-ups can easily be closed or blocked. With printed media on the other hand, consumers actually take the time to look and see what the commercial printers have inked on the page.